Hi!  I’m Hope, the Stay at Home philosopher.  I’ve decided to come out of the agoraphobia closet from the safety of my own home and start a blog about the only thing I know how to do…make mountains out of mole hills.  Or as the old timers use to say to me, “You think too much!”

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Blah, enough of the old timers. What would happen to the citizens of the world if they don’t have enough of exaggerated thinkers? That’s right, we’d grow old and bitter just like a lot of ’em. Continue writing, stay at home philosopher! The world needs more of the creativity from magnificent people like us 😉 Haha! -Jenn

  2. thanks for following, I just did likewise form seeing your most recent Barbie post and knew I will love it, will look forward to checking back some older posts!

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